What Does It Meme To Be A Student

What It Memes To Be A Student Contest

Enter your most relatable student inspired memes for a chance to win $250!

Contest Instructions

Calling all Meme Lords and under-appreciated comedians – it’s time to put your skill to work for a chance to win $250 towards your education! #WINNING.

Step #1

Follow and like HigherEdPoints on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @higheredpoints.

Step #2

Create a meme around each weekly meme-theme listed below, that captures the emotion, humour and raw truth of being a student.

Step #3

Share your creation on your own social media with our contest hashtag #WhatItMemesToBeAStudent and/or send it as a DM to us through HigherEdPoints’ social media or via email to info@HigherEdPoints.com.

BONUS Week Meme-Theme

When my parents went to school vs me going to school now

We’ve had such a great time reading your contest submissions over the past few weeks that we thought – let’s have a bonus round, everyone loves a good bonus! So, for your final chance to win a $250 education credit, the bonus meme theme is: When my parents went to school vs me going to school now!

“I used to walk 10 Kms to school uphill both ways” sure mom, I’m going to call an Uber.

Show Us What you Got!

Additional Information

  • Be a post-secondary student (either currently enrolled, or enrolling for the September 2020 school year.)
  • Realize that you can pay for tuition through loyalty points and go tell your parents right now
  • Repeat steps 1-3 and enter every week
  • Wait patiently and politely by your mailbox for us to announce the winner every Thursday morning for the next 3 weeks
  • Bask in the glory of your creative meme ability and possibly enjoy $250 towards your education!
  • Categories: Spending and Expenses, Program of Study, Free Money/Scholarships
  • Here is a great meme generating resource to get you going: Meme Better.

Rules & Regulations

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