Make your loyalty points work as hard as you do!

One of the perks of running your own business is that you can accumulate a ton of loyalty points on all of your business expenses.

Why not use your hard earned points on a reward that will last a lifetime? Education for your family, your employees, or even yourself.

Contractors and members of the construction industry are saving thousands of dollars by converting their loyalty points into tuition payments and student loan repayments—while preserving cash in their businesses. A real win-win.

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“I feel this reward provides excellent value for my points.   I paid my daughter’s tuition … with points, and plan on using the rewards to also pay for second daughter’s tuition. And, the best part, as school costs continues to accrue year-to-year…so do my points!” 
Jeff Paikin, New Horizon Development Group.
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“I used HigherEdPoints and converted TD Rewards into tuition dollars. The process, both on the TD Rewards website and on the Higher Ed Points site, was clear and straightforward. The transfer was secure and completed within a few days of initiating the request to redeem my points. In my opinion, it’s a great option for using your rewards.” 
Chris Loftus, Method Homes and Method Earth.
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Suzanne Tyson, Founder and CEO

“We’re thrilled to see more and more contractors and members of the construction industry using the HigherEdPoints program. It’s a perfect fit.  They use their points to help pay for their children’s education, save payroll cash by funding an apprentice’s education costs, and they even use points to fund their own continuing education!”

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