Frequently Asked Questions

Higher Ed Points Program

  • *New* Gift Certificates! What are these?

    The new HigherEdPoints Gift Certificate is simply a physical (printed) version of a HigherEdPoints education credits. We created these in order to open up more ways students can access educational funding.
  • Why Gift Certificates?

    We created HigherEdPoints gift certificates for those who may not have or want to use loyalty points and also to make it easy for small employers, big corporations, scholarship providers, donors and marketers to help students fund their education without the associated administrative burdens. Anyone can give a HigherEdPoints Gift Certificate to a student and know the money can only be used to fund education. HigherEdPoints deposits the funds directly into the student's school account or student loan account--quickly and securely on behalf of the student. Click here for more info.
  • How/where can I get a HigherEdPoints Gift Certificate?

    Anyone can purchase HigherEdPoints gift certificates. We're also working on lots of new ways students can get HigherEdPoints gift certificates....check back regularly and see our our innovative team has helped create more access to funds for higher education.
  • Why wouldn't I just give the money directly to the student?

    Any support you can provide to a student is fantastic: if you want to give the funds to a student, please do! The benefit of the HigherEdPoints certificate is we deposit the funds directly into the student's school account or student loan account--so you know the money will paying for tuition, (or meal plans, residence fees, books where applicable at each institution) or paying down student loans. 
  • Where do I get a Confirmation Code?

    The confirmation code(s) are sent to you by your Loyalty Program once you’ve redeemed for the HigherEdPoints reward. Visit our How it Works page for more details.
  • How do I redeem my loyalty program points for a HigherEdPoints Reward?

    If you’ve ever redeemed points for anything within your Loyalty Programs in the past, you’ll be pleased to find the online process is the same with HigherEdPoints. Simply visit the online Reward catalogue of the Loyalty Program you’d like to use, and search for the HigherEdPoints reward in the catalogue. Once you’ve redeemed, you’ll get a Confirmation Code and an email from HigherEdPoints with the rest of the instructions telling you how to transfer your redemption(s) into an account at one of our Participating Institutions. Visit our How it Works page for more details.
  • I have a confirmation code, but my school's not yet participating - what do I do now?

    Please check to make sure your institution is on our Participating Institutions list before you redeem for a HigherEdPoints Reward as these redemptions are non-refundable. If, by chance, you (or someone you know) redeemed Loyalty Program points and you want to transfer the redemption amounts to a school that is not yet a Participating Institution, all is not lost! The HigherEdPoints Reward is valid for two years following the date of redemption, and we’re working around the clock to get every Higher Education Institution in Canada on board as quickly as possible, so don’t despair. You can fill out a “Get my school on board” form here, so we can gather more momentum for the cause. If you enter your email address and give us permission to get in touch with you, we’ll email you as soon as we get your school signed up.
  • My Grandma/Uncle/Nice person redeemed points for me (lucky me!). What do I do now?

    How nice! After you say “thanks”, you and the Nice Person in your life can take a look at the instructions on our How It Works page, then decide how best the two of you should proceed to make the transfer to your school – one of you will need to gather information from the other, it’s up to you to decide what will work best in your situation. Please be sure to protect any sensitive information (such as student numbers and Loyalty Program information).
  • Do I have to wait until I have a bill to pay at my school to use HigherEdPoints?

    Not at all! You can redeem your Loyalty Program points (or have the Nice People you know redeem theirs) and transfer them to your school account whenever you like. As long as you have a valid Student Number, you’re good to go.

    You’ll be ahead of the game when the bills do come in if you (and your Nice Peeps) regularly redeem Loyalty Program points and transfer the redemptions to your school account (wouldn’t that be a nice surprise?!).
  • I redeemed my points, but never received my Loyalty Providers' Confirmation Code. What do I do?

    If you haven’t received your Confirmation Code yet, but the redemption through your Loyalty Program was successful, review your Spam or Junk folder to see if the email confirmation was redirected there. If it was not, please login to your Loyalty Program website and review your previous or past orders to obtain your confirmation code(s).
  • My Member Account at HigherEdPoints says the transfer to my institution was successful, but the money's still not in my school account - what do I do now?

    It may take up to seven (7) business days after you complete the transfer of your redemption(s) before it shows up in your student account at the designated institution. Once you have received the confirmation email from HigherEdPoints that the transfer was successfully completed and/or your Member Account shows the status of the transfer is “complete”, and more than seven business days have passed, please follow up with the appropriate department at your higher education institution. They will be able to let you know how long it will be before the transfer appears in your account.
  • I don't belong to any Loyalty Programs. Can I still participate?

    Sure you can! We’ve set HigherEdPoints up so that anyone can help a student offset some of the costs of their Higher Education. Simply send out a few (or a few dozen) of our Get More Points!emails to relatives and friends – they’d probably be happy to give you a hand with a donation of their loyalty points!

    Ask your employer too – businesses often collect tons of loyalty points – what better way to create their own loyalty than to help a student out when they need it the most?!

    Finally, consider getting your own membership in the programs of our Loyalty partners – you can start to “earn and burn while you learn”TM (i.e. earn points and burn them to help pay for school!)
  • How do schools become part of HigherEdPoints?

    The process is quite simple. All schools have to do is get in touch with us and we’ll walk them through an easy process which will allow them to accept transfers of HigherEdPoints member redemptions. For more information, send us an email at and we’d be happy to help you!