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Paige finds tuition funds (in record time!) with the ALT-Scholarship

Hi everyone! My name is Paige Redmond and I am a fourth-year Global Development Student at Queen’s University and one of the best things about the ALT-Scholarship from HigherEdPoints is how quick and easy it was to set up and share my crowd-funding campaign, but also, I didn’t feel like I am taking away funding from a student in greater need. 

Another really nice thing about having an ALT-Scholarship profile and campaign is how I can share it and not feel shy or nervous about asking for help or hearing “No”. This is why EVERY student needs to register, set up their profile and share their ALT-Scholarship campaign everywhere they can – as we need to take full advantage of how easy it is for people to turn their loyalty points, into education funding! 

HigherEdPoints has created the most painless and simple scholarship that I have ever applied for and I am living proof of how quickly and easily it can work and save me from adding to my loans and overall debt – AND it actually helped me tack on an extra class this semester, because finding these funds meant I could focus on school and not have to find part-time work. 

Because I took advantage of all of the tools available with the ALT-Scholarship – it was the best, fastest and free-est source of education funding that I have ever come across. 

No more essays. No more crazy criteria. Just a smart and simple way to pay for my education!