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Mike says: “It’s a no-brainer” (to use loyalty points to pay for school)!

One of the smartest and easiest business decisions I ever made was getting our TD Rewards credit card – and running all of our business expenses through that card.

It was amazing – I was essentially getting paid in points, just for using that card! We used it for family cruises, hotel bookings – and I often browse the overpriced toasters, coffee makers and other $%$$ I really don’t need.

But then I saw an option to redeem my points for tuition and my jaw dropped.

As a small business owner – most of the time, you can’t afford to take that holiday, even if your points are paying for most of it. Being away from your business, means the business suffers. And, it often means sacrifices like a healthy savings account and putting aside money for your kids’ educations. An education is a real luxury for a lot of Canadian families and when I saw that I could use my points to pay for my daughters Practical Nursing program – I knew it was the absolute best way to invest my points.

These points are going to change my daughters life forever. That is worth more than any flight, anywhere in the world.

HigherEdPoints is making sure my daughter can afford to go to school and get her degree in Practical Nursing – meaning my small business expenses ended up acting like an education savings plan all along.

If you run a small business. Get a rewards credit card. And use those points to pay for school.

It is an absolute no brainer.