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HigherEdPoints Can be Used at Institutions Across Canada!

You may not have heard yet, but a HigherEdPoints revolution is going on all around you. HigherEdPoints has tapped into a brand-new source of educational funding: loyalty points!

Instead of redeeming loyalty points for a trip or a toaster, anyone can redeem them for a $250 HigherEdPoints education credit. Those credits can be used to pay for tuition or repay student loans! When the program started in 2013 there were just 2 schools on board (UNB and Centennial College); today that number has grown to include well over 150 Participating Institutions.

Government Student Loans Can Be Repaid!

Students graduate with an average of $27,000 of debt, and it usually takes between 8 and 10 years to repay, including thousands of dollars of interest. Which is why we’re thrilled that HigherEdPoints can be used to repay Canada Student Loans—by anyone, at any time. Imagine how great it would feel to start chunking down student loans even before graduation! HigherEdPoints members who’ve done this are going to save thousands of dollars in interest over the life of their repayment period.

Universities, Colleges, and Polytechnics Participate Across Canada

If you haven’t heard of HigherEdPoints before, you might be surprised to know that you can use the program at almost every post-secondary institution across the country. Universities, colleges, and polytechnics have all joined the program in order to give students of all ages and stages access to this innovative, renewable universally accessible source of funding.

Anyone Can Use HigherEdPoints

We say HigherEdPoints is universally accessible for two reasons:

  1. Any type of student can use the program: International, Canadian, first-entry, mature, second career, continuing education…with no restrictions or limits on the amount of funds that can be used.
  2. Students can use anyone’s loyalty points. We know first-hand, not every student has their own loyalty points, but everyone knows someone does. Asking for some loyalty points for school funding is a lot easier to ask for than asking for money!

High School, Super-Math & STEM, Tutoring and Gap Years

There’s more than just post-secondary education that you can fund through HigherEdPoints. Blyth Academy was the first grade-level school to join the program and they, along with mei International Academy have enabled dozens of families to fund thousands of dollars of tuition for high school, online courses, and international summer programs. SHAD, Spirit of Math, and STEM MINDS all offer exceptional extra-curricular programming.

High school students looking for meaningful experiences before enrolling in post-secondary can fund their Canadian Gap Year Association certification. And students needing additional academic support when they get on campus can fund their tutoring fees at Wize.

Arts and Hands-On Educational Opportunities

Love the arts? There are options for you too! Alberta University of the Arts, Emily Carr University, OCAD, Vancouver Animation School, and Randolph College for the Performing Arts provide opportunities for those who want to make the arts a part of their career.

For something more hands-on, the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, Vancouver College of Massage Therapy, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine and the National Institute for Beauty and Health Sciences are a few of our participating institutions that offer job-specific training focused on collaborative learning and practical experience.

These are just some of the different types of programs that HigherEdPoints works with to help you fund your education. See our full list of Participating Institutions here. Don’t see your school? No problem, contact us at and we’ll work with you and the school to figure out how we can help you fund your tuition!

We’re here to help you fund your future through education. It’s your education and your choice, we’re just helping you pay for it!


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