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Ways To Pay For School Seminar

Join us live on Thursday, June 25th, 2020, from 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm EST

We are excited to partner with the Globe and Mail and TD Bank to help you discuss financial strategies for postsecondary and highlight the best and new Ways to Pay for School!

We are going to cover:

  • An update on student loan programs and government supports
  • A look-ahead to the fall of 2020 in terms of online education and cost considerations
  • RESP and personal finance strategies
  • Sources of funding from schools, the community, and organizations
  • Ideas to navigate a smaller summer jobs market


How did Ways to Pay for School and HigherEdPoints all begin?

After meeting hundreds of students who needed help funding their higher education, Suzanne Tyson decided she would help them find new and innovative ways that they could pay.

For 10-20% of students (brainiacs), there are millions of dollars worth of “free” money in educational scholarships. And there are ample funds for another 10-20% of students in dire financial need. The rest, the “Middle Sixty,” those that have a hard time winning academic scholarships and do not qualify for financial need-based awards – have very little available to them.

Where were the “socialistic” funds? Those that everyone could access, without writing an essay or submitting an application? Funds that didn’t come with strings attached?

Then one day Suzanne Tyson, founder of HigherEdPoints and Ways to Pay for School, opened her wallet and counted eleven (11!) Loyalty Program membership cards she regularly used. “What if,” she thought, “the Loyalty Program points she and 90% of her fellow Canadians collected, could be used to help their children, children of family members, the children of close friends or even employees– pay for school?”

And so the journey began and continues….

Thousands of Canadian students and their families have redeemed hundreds of millions of loyalty points to create $2 million in tuition and student loan payments – and it’s growing by the day. This makes HigherEdPoints the largest source of private sector educational funding in the country, available to all students in Canada.

There are over 130 Canadian participating institutions, including universities and colleges, along with the federal governments’ Canada Student Loan Program, OSAP, and Alberta Student Aid. And through HigherEdPoints’ Ways to Pay for School seminars and events, students and their families have a one-stop resource at their fingertips to make planning and paying for education much more attainable.

Suzanne will be the first to tell you that HigherEdPoints wasn’t built in a day or by a single person. Suzanne is supported and encouraged by scores of friends, colleagues, cheerleaders, helpful networkers, and heavy lifters. Because of them, the vision is now a reality. Thank you to everyone who continues to share the grand vision.

Education is the great equalizer. Students should be able to focus on studying, not stressing about money. Every dollar we can help students and families offset is a dollar they don’t have to repay. That is HigherEdPoints’ mission and vision.

— Suzanne Tyson, CEO and Founder,

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