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Get some of the good stuff from Free Money

Students have to cobble together funding from multiple sources to pay for higher education, including personal savings, help from family, working while at school and likely some sort of loan (government, bank etc.).

The best kind of money, of course, is the free kind: scholarships and awards!

The easiest way to tap into that source is to register with our friends over at Think of what they do like dating—except between you and free money! Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Start here to set up an account:
  2. Take your time when you set that account up because the more detail you can provide, the better your list of scholarship matches will be. Parents can set up an account for a student too—there’s a field for you to identify yourself as a parent. “Long live Helicopter Parenting”, we say!
  3. Apply for your matches in order of interest—it’ll be easier to apply for something you like talking about than something that’s marginally interesting to you. Apply for more awards as your time permits. If an hour of your time wins you a $500 award—that’s a really good ROI!
  4. Come back to refresh your “matches” monthly and update your profile quarterly—there’s no set scholarship season so new money is constantly coming available!

Take a peek at some of the awards available by using ScholarshipsCanada’s Search tool and browse by Field of Study:   or

School of Study:


If you’re still looking for your future school or program, ScholarshipsCanada also runs this great site:

Happy matching!

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