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HigherEdPoints Heroes #1


The HigherEdPoints corporate tag line it takes a village to raise a mindTM was chosen long before the business concept became a reality on November 1, 2013, the day we launched If we think about our own educational paths, from kindergarten and elementary school, through high school and into higher education, at every stage, there are dozens of teachers, administrators, peers and relatives who formed (or are forming) our own unique “village”. If we’re lucky, we can each think of at least one pivotal moment where a teacher, coach, peer, professor, made all the difference in our lives—and helped us set the course for our future.

Similarly, it took a supportive and enthusiastic “village” to launch this business. This inaugural “Higher Ed Points Heroes” is a salute to all of our original supporters and cheerleaders—from the time when this business was just an idea. We’re one year old now—and that initial village has grown to include new members. We’re so grateful to have such supportive and forward-thinking individuals cheering us on each and every day.

Upcoming “HEP” Heroes will cover all the Who, What, Where and Why’s of each selected Hero, but we could think of no faster way to bore our readers than to create an Oscar-worthy thank you list. Instead, we’ve reproduced the poem written and performed by our Founder, Suzanne Tyson at the launch celebration after the HEQCO conference in Toronto on November 7, 2013:

There once was a lass from Toronna
Who got a bee in her bonnet:
“Help students, I must, or I think I might bust”
So happily HEP was begun.

She lunched with dear Sue,
With not one surname, but two,
Plus friends Fiona, Lynne, Alex, Don and Lesley too,
Who right off the top said “hockey must stop, put bum into chair and write this thing up”

A drink with the King was set by dear Sue
Who right away knew he could make this come true.
That which he did and those who he told,
Created the path for this all to unfold.

More coffees were drunk and Noah was found
Who loved HEP so much he passed it around
A meeting was set with Mr Gilhooly
Who brought in his pals Diane, Ralph and Colin the cutie.

They exclaimed with delight “your timing is right”
We like this so much we’ll build this for (free…) us
So spec’ing began and people were hired
Who knew 6 short months could make you so tired??

The back end was set, but what of the front?
We needed some ‘Pretty’ to make this thing hunt.
SplitMango was found three time zones away.
Val helped and hooray….
“Dave and ‘Liz” jumped into the fray.

Wireframe revisions caused Rich tears and blurred vision
God bless our Ms. Ross for her Words of wisdom

Next, on to the legals, at exactly the time when we’re most enfeebled
Document turns, discussions, concerns
Renee, thank the Lord has Patience in……….spades

Now back to the start for I’d be remiss
If I didn’t mention these two in our midst:
Shelley and Shannon with hearts big as ponds
Jumped on HEP’s wagon which helped me soldier on

One final remark, to the one by my side
Two decades have passed since I marked him as mine.
Through thinness and thick, fun times and some not
Thanks Patrick for being so kind….and so hot.

So let’s raise a glass to this most happiest of paths,
And hope HEP, in Phase 2 is as much of a blast!

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