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Count the Ways HigherEdPoints Can Help

The HigherEdPoints family has gained a new Participating Institution! You can now turn loyalty points into money for textbooks with CengageCengage Canada supports high-quality, engaging print and digital textbookand a commitment to serve the specific needs of Canadian educators and students. Now you can save on your textbooks with HigherEdPoints! 

Print & Digital Textbooks

Cengage supports both print and digital textbooks, giving you options suited to how you learn best. Even if you’ve purchased the print version, Cengage offers you access to the digital version for two weeks so you don’t miss out if you’ve ordered late and you’re waiting for your book to arrive. 

Flexible Rental Periods

You can even get different prices on e-books depending on how long you need access to it for. Didn’t buy your textbook until mid-semester? Purchase a shorter access time. Want to have it available longer just in case? Purchase two years of access. Cengage gives you many flexible options allowing you to get the most value for dollars spent. Textbooks are expensive and every little bit helps 


Why Textbooks Matter 

People think they can save money by not purchasing their course textbooks, but “textbooks” means a whole lot more than it used to. It could be a physical book, an ebookdigital content or more. But whatever form it takes, having the required textbook can make your life easier, and studies show students with the appropriate textbooks do better in class. When you buy a textbook, it’s so much more than just a book that you need to read. These days textbooks come with study guides, practice tests, and other resources. 


So Much More You Can Cover with HigherEdPoints 

There’s more to HigherEdPoints than just tuition and student loan repayments! Here’s a closer look at what you can get when you use your loyalty points and HigherEdPoints to save on education. 



We have Participating Institutions across the country that teach all types of post-secondary learning. From colleges and universities, to technical schools, art schools, retraining, trades and continuing education; if you have a class or program you want to take, it is likely that it’s offered by one of our Participating Institutions.  


Meal Plans 

Both the University of Toronto and the Southern Institute of Technology (SAIT) allow HigherEdPoints tbe used on-campus meal plans. Who doesn’t love free food!? 



UofT and SAIT also allow you to use HigherEdPoints for bookstore purchases, be it for textbooks, computer programs, or a sweater for that cold day 



Most schools include the cost of residence in your tuition when you tell them you will be living in oncampus dorms. So HigherEdPoints can be used to help you pay these costs too! 



Wize and Spirit of Math offer tutoring services that can be covered through your HigherEdPoints transfer. Take pressure off your wallet AND your schooling by getting some extra help when you need it. 


Student Loan Repayment 

Yes, Canada student loans and some provincial student loans let you make payments with HigherEdPoints! That means even when you’re done school, we can continue to help you out. 


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