Loyalty Program points to pay for education?
Now that’s smart!

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I'm a Student

HigherEdPoints can help! You can turn loyalty program points (earned by you, your parents, your relatives, or any other nice people you know) into money for school!

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I'm a Graduate

Use anyone's loyalty points to repay government student loans--while you are still in school, or once you have graduated.

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I'm a Parent

Take some pressure off your kids and yourself! Use loyalty points to fund tuition and repay student loans and use the cash you save for...you!

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I'm a Nice Person

If you have some of the billions of dollars of unused loyalty points sitting around, why not help a student fund tuition or repay loans?

Redeem Loyalty Points for the best reward of all — less debt!

Whose loyalty points? Anyone's!
Simple. Fast. Free.

Join the thousands of students, families and donors who are already using HigherEdPoints.com to pay for tuition and repay student loans.

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How It Works

HigherEdPoints is a loyalty program reward item.

Instead of redeeming your points for flights, merchandise or gift cards, you redeem your points for a HigherEdPoints education credit.

Once you’ve redeemed your points, simply return to your HigherEdPoints member account and follow the Transfer instructions.

We’ll deposit your funds directly into the student or loan account at your chosen institution.

It’s that simple.

Loyalty Programs


Aeroplan Members can redeem their Aeroplan Miles through Aeroplan.com

TD Travel Rewards

TD Travel Credit Cardholders can redeem their TD Points through TDRewards.com

CIBC Rewards

Redeem Aventura® Points toward tuition or student loans with CIBC Rewards and HigherEdPoints.com. It’s the smart way to reward yourself.

Other ways to help fund education

Gift Certificates

Give them to students to help fund education or repay student loans.

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My aunt has a TD credit card where she earns points and she uses it for a lot of their business transactions. [She] traded in a whole bunch of points and it ended up taking $10,000 off my OSAP loans. This was pretty much all the student loans I had left and all I could say was WOW!! It was just so astonishing for our family.

Anthony Di Corte

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It's just so expensive now that it's not practical for people to go to higher education. When you try to find grants for school it can be a bit soul-crushing. I came across HigherEdPoints while doing my funding research. Being able to access alternative methods of paying for school is a very big deal to me.

I love what HigherEdPoints is doing and wanted to share it with my network so other students can use too, I feel like it would be a disservice not to share it!


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Lastly, funding was definitely a challenge for me. I had to rely completely on student loans to get my education and with my disability, many things cost me more than it would for an able-bodied student.

I was forced to stay in the most expensive residence building because the other wasn't accessible and the student loan department wasn't able to adjust my funding to consider this. Luckily in 2013 my financial guidance counselor suggested HigherEdPoints.com and I was able to reduce the burden of these loans using loyalty points.

Jeremy Murray